RF Design News

  • Single Pole Integrate Telecom Circuit

    Single Pole Integrate Telecom Circuit

    6 hours ago
    The ITC117PL is a current limiting; single pole integrated telecommunication integrated circuit featuring hook switch drive power of 2 mW and a full wave bridge rectifier. It features a Darlington...
  • Wi-Fi Enable Imp Hardware

    Wi-Fi Enable Imp Hardware

    18 hours ago
    Digi-Key finalized an agreement with Electric Imp. This agreement would then let Digi-Key add the products of Electric Imp to its extensive lineup of products for global distribution. Both versions...
  • 2.4 GHz RF High-Power Amplifier

    Low EVM 2.4 GHz RF High-Power Amplifier

    2 days ago
    Microchip Technology introduced the SST12CP21, a 2.4 GHz 256-QAM RF high-power amplifier that provides ultra low EVM and current for 256 QAM and 802.11 b/g/n systems. This device also extends the...
  • Cost-Effective Packet ONP

    Cost-Effective Packet ONP

    2 days ago
    Fujitsu’s FLASHWAVE 9500 is its new addition to its line of Packet ONP. Having a modular architecture designed for 99.999% availability and dense, cost-effective scaling, FLASHWAVE 9500 can...
  • AISG Integrated Tranceiver

    AISG Integrated Tranceiver

    4 days ago
    The MAX9947 is an integrated AISG tranceiver that operates with an external crystal at four times the 2.176 MHz frequency, or 8.704 MHz. This tranceiver only requires a supply voltage range of as low...

RF Design Articles

  • Ayla Design Kit

    1 week ago
    The Ayla Design Kit features a Murata Wi-Fi connectivity module. By utilizing this module with the embedded Ayla agent, developers are able to connect products to the Ayla cloud service and quickly...
  • Enhanced Single Wire CAN Application Hints

    1 week ago
    This application note presents the Melexis Enhanced Single Wire CAN transceiver application hints. It describes the recommended application circuitry, the special application circuitry including a...
  • Ruggedized RF Creates Plasma Flame with Sound

    5 days ago
    Digi-key, with Freescale Semiconductor, presents their rugged RF devices. The device family includes three different variations: 300 W, 600 W, and 1.25 kW LDMOS. These high ruggedness devices are...
  • Optical Control Plane For Network Setup

    5 days ago
    This article presents Fujitsu’s “The Emerging Optical Control Plane”. It illustrates and discusses what optical control plane is and what can it contribute in a network set-up. It also...

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