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  • High Performance NFC Reader

    High Performance NFC Reader

    16 hours ago
    The CLRC663 is a highly integrated transceiver IC for contactless communication at 13.56 MHz. The CLRC663 transceiver IC supports the following operating modes: * Read/write mode supporting ISO/IEC...
  • Single Chip FSK/FM/ASK Transceiver IC

    Single Chip FSK/FM/ASK Transceiver IC

    3 days ago
    The TH71221 is a single chip FSK/FM/ASK transceiver IC. It is designed to operate in low-power multi-channel programmable or single-channel stand-alone, half-duplex data transmission systems. It can...
  • Multi-Standard Infrared Transceiver

    Multi-Standard Infrared Transceiver

    5 days ago
    The CS8130 is an infrared transceiver IC. The receive channel includes: an on-chip, high-gain PIN diode amplifier; IrDA, HPSIR, ASK (CW) and TV remote compatible decoder; and a data pulse...
  • 3.125 Gbps x4 Parallel Transceiver

    3.125 Gbps x4 Parallel Transceiver

    6 days ago
    The Fujitsu's XAUI macro is for ASICs that perform at high bandwidth data communication. The macro meets XAUI jitter specifications as follows: * Jitter generation < 0.35 UI (without pre-emphasis) * Jitter tolerance > 0.60UI (peak to peak total...
  • 433 MHz FSK/ASK Transmitter with Clock Output

    433 MHz FSK/ASK Transmitter with Clock Output

    1 week ago
    The TH72016 FSK/ASK transmitter IC is designed for applications in the European 433 MHz industrial-scientific-medial (ISM) band, according to the EN 300 220 telecommunications standard; but it can...

RF Design Articles

  • Contacless Reader IC Antenna Design Guide

    1 week ago
    This document describes the principles of antenna tuning for the contactless reader IC CLRC663, MFRC630, MFRC631, SLRC610. A practical example is given to tune an ID2±10 antenna for all baud rates...
  • ‘Jade-D’ EMI Optimization using SSCG

    4 days ago
    Spread-spectrum clocking has become more popular in portable electronics devices because of faster clock speeds and the increasing integration of high-resolution LCD displays in smaller and smaller...
  • Service Platform Technology for Cloud Environment Optimization

    1 week ago
    With recent advances in "machine to machine" (M2M) technology, in which machines communicate among themselves without human intervention, and with the widespread use of mobile devices, there has been...
  • 100% Modulation (On/Off Keying)

    2 weeks ago
    This application note explains how to use the MLX90109 transceiver to obtain 100% modulation of the magnetic field (On-Off keying modulation). The MLX90109 datasheet will help to understand the basic...

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