RF Design News

  • Wi-Fi Software Modules and Development Kits

    Wi-Fi Software Modules and Development Kits

    1 day ago

    Econais Inc. the technology leader in smart Wi-Fi module solutions for the Internet of Things, today announced large-scale availability of the newest EC19W01 WiSmart software, modules and...

  • GX4000 E-Band Radio

    GX4000 E-Band Radio

    2 days ago
    Fujitsu has developed a microwave radio transport platform operating on the E-Band spectrum, the GX4000 E-Band Radio. This device is a patented impulse radio technology that provides an ultra-high 3...
  • 12x10 Gbps CXP Active Optical Cable

    12x10 Gbps CXP Active Optical Cable

    4 days ago
    The AFBR-83PDxxZ is Avago's pluggable 12-channel, parallel optics CXP Active Optical Cable (AOC). This device is designed for multi-channel 10Gbps proprietary interconnect, 100 Gigabit Ethernet...
  • 40GbE QSFP+

    40GbE QSFP+

    1 week ago
    The AFBR-7QERxxZ is Avago's four-channel, pluggable, parallel, fiber-optic QSFP+ Active Optical Cable (AOC) solution for 40 Gigabit Ethernet Applications. This device is a high performance cable for...
  • 150 nA RS-232 Tranmitter_Receiver.jpg

    150 nA RS-232 Transmitter/Receiver

    1 week ago
    The ISL3232E is a QFN packaged, ±15 kV ESD Protected, 150 nA, 250 kbps, RS-232 Transmitter/Receiver. It operates at an input voltage range from +2.7 V to +5.5 V and specified by ElA/TIA-232 and...

RF Design Articles

  • The Micro Packet ONP

    4 days ago
    Ethernet has become a widely popular device to integrate end-users to the range of Ethernet and IP network services. This white paper discusses the emergence of the Micro Packet ONP and how...
  • ZSPM2000 with David Grice

    2 weeks ago
    In this video presentation, David Grice, Field Applications Engineer, discusses ZMDI's addition to its Smart Management Product Portfolio, the ZSPM2000. It is a true-digital PWM controller with...
  • Radio Susceptibility - Principles and Protection

    1 week ago
    Engineers often wish that radio susceptibility (RS) or radio immunity could be cured with an antibiotic, a vaccine, or some form of cure-all. Unfortunately, solving the RS problem is not that easy....
  • Fiber Optic Sensor Systems for Arc Flash Detection

    2 weeks ago
    Electrical power grids are amongst the most important infrastructures of the world. They connect over five billion people worldwide to energy, and are indispensable for countless applications, such...

RF Design App Notes

  • Fitness Monitors Go Wireless

    Fitness Monitors Go Wireless

    This article explains the recent trend in heart-rate and fitness monitors to go wireless and eliminate cables, allowing free movement and convenient data collection without the need to plug in their devices....

  • Antennas: Design, Application and Performance

    Antennas: Design, Application and Performance

    This application note is intended for designers who are incorporating RF into Part 15-compliant designs. It is designed to give the reader a basic understanding of an antenna’s function, operational...

  • WiMax Double Downconversion IF Sampling Receiver Design

    WiMax Double Downconversion IF Sampling Receiver Design

    This application note describes an intermediate frequency (IF) sampling receiver intended for use in the wireless communication services (WCS) band from 2.3 GHz to 2.36 GHz and the unlicensed ISM band from...

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