RF Design News

  • Optical Absolute Encoder

    Optical Absolute Encoder

    3 days ago
    The AEAT-9000 series is a high resolution single turn optical absolute encoders developed by Avago Technologies. This device is allows the design engineers to achieve superior positioning performance...
  • WT32i Bluetooth Audio Module

    WT32i Bluetooth Audio Module

    3 days ago
    The Bluegiga WT32i is a Bluetooth Audio Module featuring an on-board DSP and 16-bit stereo codec. It offers up to 200 meter range wide Bluetooth Profile Support that enables wide range of uses. It...
  • 315 MHz FSK Transmitter IC

    315 MHz FSK Transmitter IC

    5 days ago
    The TH72001 is a Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) transmitter integrated circuit featuring an on-chip voltage regulator and low standby current operating at a range of 209 MHz to 350 MHz. It has an...
  • 10Gbps TOSA Device

    10Gbps TOSA Device

    6 days ago
    The AFCP-TN295J is a 10bps TOSA device designed for wireless backhaul and metro Ethernet access network developed by Avago Technologies. This device integrates a 1550 nm single mode edge-emitting...
  • 20.48 MHz MFC Transceivers

    20.48 MHz MFC Transceivers

    1 week ago
    The M-986-2R2 is MFC transceiver featuring a direct A-law PCM digital input typically applied in test equipment and trunk adapters. It operates with standard codecs for analog interfacing and offers...

RF Design Articles

  • New Fiber Optic Communications Applications

    5 days ago
    This article presents the emerging cloud-computing-oriented communications architectures that give ways to the new fiber optic communication applications. It briefly describes the emerging and...
  • Ethernet Send/Receive Setup Example

    3 days ago
    This application note presents a set-up example for Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 sends or receives using the V850E2/ML4 Ethernet controller. It describes the specifications of the application example, the...
  • AFBR-0544Z Evaluation Kit

    1 week ago
    The Avago Technologies has developed an evaluation kit designed for AFBR-5972Z fiber optic transceivers, the AFBR-0544Z. This application note discusses the electrical characteristics and methods for...
  • FPGA Based Transceiver

    1 week ago
    Avago has develop three (3) 10Gbs Ethernet SFP+ transceiver products, the AFBR-709SMZ, AFCT-701SDZ, and AFBR-707SDZ. This application note discusses the Avago 10G SFP+ SR, LR, LRM and Altera...

RF Design App Notes

  • Antennas: Design, Application and Performance

    Antennas: Design, Application and Performance

    This application note is intended for designers who are incorporating RF into Part 15-compliant designs. It is designed to give the reader a basic understanding of an antenna’s function, operational...

  • WiMax Double Downconversion IF Sampling Receiver Design

    WiMax Double Downconversion IF Sampling Receiver Design

    This application note describes an intermediate frequency (IF) sampling receiver intended for use in the wireless communication services (WCS) band from 2.3 GHz to 2.36 GHz and the unlicensed ISM band from...

  • eCall Conformance Testing

    eCall Conformance Testing

    Emergency Call (eCall) is a service provided in Europe with the goal of reducing response times for accidents or other emergencies on the roadways. This application note briefly describes the technology...

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