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  • Pocket-Sized Clamp Meter

    Pocket-Sized Clamp Meter

    1 day ago
    Amprobe announced the release of its AMP-25 AC/DC TRMS Mini-Clamp, a pocket-sized meter that doesn’t compromise on features. The rugged clamp meter is an ideal troubleshooting tool for commercial...
  • Integrated Dual Channel Source Oscilloscope

    Integrated Dual Channel Source Oscilloscope

    4 days ago
    The DS2072A-S is a dual-channel digital oscilloscope that is designed with an integrated dual-channel source. It has a bandwidth of 70 MHz and a sample rate of 2 GSa/s that enables faster speed of...
  • High Precision Temperature Data Logger

    High Precision Temperature Data Logger

    6 days ago
    The MAX66960 is industry's leading temperature data logger that provides a range of temperature data logging options that are configurable from PC software. Logging parameters such as temperature...
  • 10 kV Digital Insulation Tester Kit

    10 kV Digital Insulation Tester Kit

    6 days ago
    Master Electronics is one the key distributors of the Fluke 1555 tester kit. This set of tools is guaranteed to make digital insulation testing easier and more accurate. It features long battery life...
  • Waveform Generator with DDS Technology

    Waveform Generator with DDS Technology

    1 week ago
    The DG5101 is one of RIGOL's highly efficient arbitrary waveform generators. This instrument has a bandwidth of 100 MHz and sampling rate of as fast as 1 GSa/s. It has a 1 µHz resolution and...

Test and Measure Articles

  • Measuring Antenna Characteristics using Spectrum Analyzer

    3 days ago
    This video tackles how to use the RIGOL spectrum analyzer to measure an antenna. The spectrum analyzer has a VB1020 option and utility kit that helps with antenna design and characterization. It...
  • Using the Zero Span Function of Spectrum Analyzers

    1 week ago
    The Zero Span function of spectrum analyzers is very useful when the instrument is used in time domain measurements. In this video, an AM signal is used for the testing and analysis throughout the...
  • How to Use Nth Trigger Function of Oscilloscope

    2 weeks ago
    This video shows how to use the Nth edge trigger function of RIGOL Oscilloscopes. The Nth trigger function makes easy capturing of pulses with standard edge triggering. In the experiment, a pulse...
  • Using the Windows Trigger Function of Oscilloscope

    3 weeks ago
    This video shows how to use the windows trigger function of RIGOL oscilloscopes. This feature makes troubleshooting signals easier and enables focusing on a specific area quickly. In this experiment,...

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