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  • 3.2 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

    3.2 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

    12 hours ago
    The DSA832-TG is a spectrum analyzer that is equipped with a tracking generator function. This analyzer has a frequency range of 9 kHz to 3.2 GHz. With a TFT LCD type of display, the device also has...
  • Advanced Analysis with zenon Analyzer 2.20

    Advanced Analysis with zenon Analyzer 2.20

    3 days ago
    COPA-DATA, the international software specialist for industrial automation, presents a new version of its reporting and analysis software, zenon Analyzer 2.20. The new product offers enhanced...
  • Highly Versatile Tweezer Meters

    Highly Versatile Tweezer Meters

    5 days ago
    Global Specialties announced the release of two new Tweezer Meters: the The LCR-58 Tweezer LCR Meter and PRO-57 Tweezer Digital Multimeter. These two new meters are highly versatile, economically...
  • Easy-to-Use Arbitrary Waveform Generator

    Easy-to-Use Arbitrary Waveform Generator

    1 week ago
    The DG4062 belongs to RIGOL's DG4000 series of highly efficient waveform generators. This dual channel arbitrary generator can handle maximum frequency of up to 60 MHz. The sampling rate of the...
  • Accurate Frequency time and Spectrum Measurements in Mini Assemblies

    Accurate Frequency Time and Spectrum Measurements in Mini Assemblies

    1 week ago

    Picotest.com , a leader in high resolution test and measurement equipment, has released two new 50 ohm transmission line test probes. Coined ‘PDN’ Probes, for their effective use in measuring...

Test and Measure Articles

  • High Precision, Long Battery Life Heat/Flow Meter

    1 day ago
    Utilities can now improve water- and heat-metering accuracy by an order of magnitude, while operating for up to 20 years on a single "A"-size battery with the MAXREFDES70# ultrasonic flow meter...
  • Using the Frequency Counter Function

    6 days ago
    This video shows a short experiment on using the frequency counter function of RIGOL's DG4000 series of arbitrary waveform generators. A step-by-step process is presented that will help users to...
  • Using the Statistical Function of Frequency Counter

    1 week ago
    In this video, the DG4000 Fnction/Arbitrary Waveform Generator's frequecy counter feature is given focus. The frequency counter has a statistical function that provides statistics of any choice of...
  • Personal Computer Audio Quality Measurements

    1 week ago
    This application note presents the audio quality measurements for personal computers. The document discusses the electrical and acoustical performance specifications, as well as test equipment and...

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