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  • USB Protocol Analyzer and Exerciser System

    USB Protocol Analyzer and Exerciser System

    4 days ago

    Teledyne LeCroy today introduces the Voyager M310C USB Protocol Analyzer and Exerciser System. The Voyager M310C joins Teledyne LeCroy’s broad line-up of industry leading USB tools. USB Type-C...

  • Spectrum Analyzer in Compact Design

    Spectrum Analyzer in Compact Design

    4 days ago
    The DSA815-TG is an easy-to-use spectrum analyzer that can handle applications in the frequency range of 9 kHz - 1.5 GHz. Minimum resolution bandwidth (RBW) of the instrument is 100 Hz. It also has a...
  • Circuit Seeker Circuit Tracer

    Circuit Seeker Circuit Tracer

    6 days ago
    The Greenlee CS-8000 is a circuit seeker circuit tracer distributed worldwide by Master Electronics. This test instrument distinguishes and traces either live or unenergized circuits. It also detects...
  • Simple Function Waveform Generators

    Simple Function Waveform Generators

    1 week ago
    Master Electronics provides availability of BK Precision's 4075B series of arbitrary/function waveform generators. These devices incorporate a DDS architecture providing simple conventional function...
  • Highly Reliable Digital Multimeter

    Highly Reliable Digital Multimeter

    1 week ago
    The DM3058 is a digital multimeter from RIGOL Technologies that features true 5 ½ digit resolution. The instrument is capable of measuring DC voltage in the range of 200 mV - 1000 V and DC current...

Test and Measure Articles

  • Triggering and Decoding an I2C Using Oscilloscope

    3 days ago
    This video demonstrates the triggering and decoding of an I2C signal using RIGOL's highly efficient oscilloscopes. It includes a brief tutorial on the different triggering types and condition...
  • Recording Specified Waveform Frames using Oscilloscope

    1 week ago
    This video shows how to record specified frames of waveforms using RIGOL's series of highly reliable oscilloscopes. It explores the waveform recording function of the instrument which enables the...
  • RIGOL DSA800 Front Panel Overview

    2 weeks ago
    This video serves as an overview of RIGOL's DSA800 series of spectrum analyzer, particularly the DSA815. The front panel layout and basic operations of the instrument are discussed. Different...
  • Using Peak Function of Spectrum Analyzer

    1 month ago
    This video demonstrates how to use the peak function of a RIGOL spectrum analyzer. In this experiment, the DG4000 arbitrary waveform generator is used to source the signal, while the DSA815 spectrum...

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