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  • Wide Dynamic Range Power Accumulator

    Wide Dynamic Range Power Accumulator

    12 hours ago
    The MAX34407 is an SMBUS 4-channel power accumulator with a wide dynamic range and is perfect to optimize code execution, therefore enabling maximum run time in mobile applications. It contains a...
  • Spectrum Analyzer with PreAmplifier

    Spectrum Analyzer with PreAmplifier

    1 day ago
    The DSA1030-PA-TG3 designed by RIGOL, is a high performance spectrum analyzer equipped with a built-in preamplifier and tracking generator options. This device has a 3 GHz bandwidth and minimum RBW...
  • Single-Chip RTD-to-Digital Converter

    Single-Chip RTD-to-Digital Converter

    2 days ago
    Maxim Integrated Products announced the industry’s first fully integrated RTD-to-digital converter, a single-chip solution that replaces several discrete components to lower costs by up to 50%. The...
  • High Accuracy Curve Tracer

    High Accuracy Curve Tracer

    2 days ago
    HILEVEL Technology announced the release of its CurveMaster Curve Tracer. The HILEVEL CurveMaster brings modern technology and components to the world of curve tracing. With up to 2,048 pins and all...
  • Low-Cost High Speed Digital Data Logger

    Low-Cost High Speed Digital Data Logger

    4 days ago
    Saelig Company announced the release of LOG Storm 2MS, a new economical high-speed digital data logger for troubleshooting digital system buses. LOG Storm 2MS contains an 8Mbyte/2Msample memory...

Test and Measure Articles

  • Water Meter Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

    1 week ago
    This reference design provides a complete demonstration platform for using industrial/scientific/medical radio frequency (ISM-RF) products in an automatic meter reading (AMR) application. This...
  • Basic Trace Functions of Spectrum Analyzer

    5 hours ago
    This video shows how to use the available trace functions in RIGOL's series of Spectrum Analyzers. In this experiment, the DG4000 arbitrary waveform generator is used to produce the signal that will...
  • Liquid-Level Control and Delivery System

    3 days ago
    This reference design describes a cost-effective, low-power liquid-level measurement data acquisition system (DAS) that use a compensated silicon pressure sensor and a high-precision delta-sigma ADC....
  • Measuring Small Signals with a Rigol Spectrum Analyzer

    1 week ago
    This video shows how to reduce the Display Average Noise Level (DANL) to enable small signal measurement. Since the DANL depends on numerous settings, the DG4000 function generator which is used to...

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