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  • PAM4 Signal Analysis Software

    PAM4 Signal Analysis Software

    3 days ago
    Teledyne LeCroy launched the PAM4 Signal Analysis software, the industry’s first PAM4 analysis tool for real-time oscilloscopes. This new set of analysis tools makes essential eye, jitter and...
  • LabMaster and WaveMaster Oscilloscopes

    LabMaster and WaveMaster Oscilloscopes

    3 days ago
    Teledyne LeCroy introduced significant enhancements to the two highest performance oscilloscope product lines in the company’s portfolio. From the introduction of the 30 GHz WaveMaster 8 Zi in 2009...
  • USB 3.1 End-to-End Test Suite

    USB 3.1 End-to-End Test Suite

    3 days ago
    Teledyne LeCroy announced the release of the QPHY-USB3.1-Tx-Rx package for automated USB 3.1 transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx) compliance testing, characterization, and debug, creating a unique and...
  • New Innovative Technology Digital Oscilloscope

    New Innovative Technology Digital Oscilloscope

    5 days ago
    The DS1104Z-S belongs to RIGOL's DS1000Z series of high precision oscilloscopes. This instrument has 4 channels and a bandwidth of 100 MHz. Standard memory depth of 12 Mpts and optional memory depth...
  • Picoammeters with Bias Sources

    Picoammeters with Bias Sources

    1 week ago
    Saelig Company Inc. announced the release of its AMETRIX Model 10x Series Picoammeters, with several models that include a built-in voltage bias source. These instruments are USB-connected,...

Test and Measure Articles

  • Using the Runt Trigger Function of Oscilloscope

    4 days ago
    Runt trigger function is one of the many features of a RIGOL oscilloscope. It is used to trigger pulses that pass one trigger level but fail to pass an upper (or lower) secondary trigger level. This...
  • Settling Time Calculator Tutorial

    6 days ago
    The Settling Time Calculator (STC) aids in the analysis and design of the step response of a single pole RC filter. The program is for use with an HP® 50g calculator or free PC emulator.
  • Using the High Waveform Update Rate of an Oscilloscope

    1 week ago
    This video demonstrates how to use the high waveform update rate feature an oscilloscope to capture an abnormal signal. High waveform update rate greatly reduces dead time which pertains to the...
  • Deep Memory Advantage of RIGOL Oscilloscopes

    2 weeks ago
    This video highlights the edge of RIGOL oscilloscopes among other competing brands in the market. Being one of the few instruments that can reach Mpts level in terms of storage depths. RIGOL...

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