Broadside Trace Inductance

Calculate the Inductance of Two Broadside Coupled Traces

Broadside Trace Inductance Calculator

Broadside Coupled Trace Inductance Calculator

broadside coupled traces


Trace Width
Trace Seperation
Trace Length
Relative Permeability




The broadside coupled trace is a common technique for routing differential pair signals.

Broadside Trace Inductance Description

The inductance of a broadside coupled trace is easy to calculate. Broadside coupled traces are on adjacent planes and the return is identical to the trace in width and length. It is important to note that in industry we can find that some differential pairs are routed this way for a strong coupling, but the actual return for the signal is on a power plane. This calculator is for the case where the signal return is on the adjacent trace. The geometry inputs are:

  • W – trace width
  • T – trace thickness
  • H – distance between traces
  • L – trace length

Broadside Coupled Trace Inductance Model.

The inductance for a set of broadside coupled traces is defined as:

\frac{\mu _{o}\mu _{r}h}{w}



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