Wire Inductance

Wire Self Inductance Calculator

Wire Self Inductance Calculator

Wire Self Inductance Calculator

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Wire Self Inductance: 


The inductance of a single conductor is called self inductance. Self inductance is not typically measured, since it is only part of a complete circuit loop.

Self Inductance Description

The inductance calculated in this tool is the self inductance. This self inductance is used in some simulations and is really only part of a total loop inductance. In this tool the variables required are length, and wire diameter. Notice that there is not a return path referenced in this inductance estimator. When calculating a loop inductance the self inductance as well as the mutual inductance to the return path and the return paths self inductancec is accounted for.

Wire Self Inductance Model.

The self inductance of a single wire in free space is defined below.

L=2l\left ( \ln \left ( \left ( \frac{2l}{d} \right )\left ( 1+\sqrt{1+\left ( \frac{d}{2l} \right )^{2}} \right ) \right )-\sqrt{1+\left ( \frac{d}{2l} \right )^{2}}+\frac{\mu }{4}+\left ( \frac{d}{2l} \right ) \right )

For this calculation the diameter and length units are in cm.

This formula is from the following reference.
“Inductance Calculations” , F. W. Grover, Dover Publications, 2004 .

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