Wire Stripline Impedance

PCB Wire Stripline Impedance Calculator

Wire Stripline Impedance Calculator

Wire Stripline Impedance Calculator

wire stripline impedance diagram


Wire Diameter
Substrate Height
Substrate Dielectric


Impedance (Z): 


The wire stripline transmission line is similar to a standard stripline transmission line, but with a round conductor. Modeling approximation can be used to understand the impedance of the wire stripline transmission line.


A wire stripline is constructed with a round conductor suspended between two ground planes. The conductor and ground planes are separated with a dielectric. This calculator assumes the distance between the two reference planes to be an equal distance.

Microstrip Transmission Line Models

Models have been created to approximate the characteristics of the microstrip transmission line.

zo_{ws}= \frac{\eta _{o}}{2\pi \sqrt{er}}\cdot \ln \left ( \frac{4h}{\pi d} \right )

The source for these formulas are found in the IPC-2141A (2004) “Design Guide for High-Speed Controlled Impedance Circuit Boards”

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