DPA-Switch™ DC-DC Forward Converter Design Guide

DPA-Switch™ DC-DC Forward Converter Design Guide

The single-ended forward converter topology is usually the best solution for DC-DC applications in industrial controls, Telecom central office equipment, digital feature phones, and systems that use distributed power architectures. 

The feature set of DPA-Switch offers the following advantages in DC-DC single-ended forward converter designs:

  • Low component count
  • High efficiency (typically >91% with synchronous rectification)
  • Built in soft-start to minimize stress and overshoot
  • Built in accurate line under-voltage detection
  • Built-in accurate line overvoltage shutdown protection
  • Built in adjustable current limit
  • Built-in overload and open loop fault protection
  • Built-in thermal shutdown
  • Programmable duty cycle reduction to limit duty cycle excursion at high line and transient load conditions
  • Very good light-load efficiency
  • Selectable 300 kHz or 400 kHz operation
  • Lossless integrated cycle-by-cycle current limit
Sources: Power Integrations

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