Intel® Atom™ Processor Z670/Z650

Intel® Atom™ Processor Z670/Z650


The Intel® Atom™ Processor Z670/Z650 platform with Intel® SM35 Express Chipset requires two sets of BIOS firmware for a complete product implementation. The first is system firmware which enables the chipset to control boot functions for the entire system leading up to the handoff to the operating system. The second is for the Nuvoton NPCE791EA0DX* embedded controller, which is a third-party microcontroller that Intel has validated and strongly recommends for use with the Intel Atom processor Z670/Z650 platform. The firmware for this embedded controller will enable it to manage essential power management and lower-level functions during system operation. To give customers flexibility, Intel has partnered with multiple third-party BIOS software and silicon vendors to provide support for firmware development along with production licensed system and embedded controller BIOS.

Intel does not provide production licensed firmware/BIOS for either the overall system or the embedded controller due to legal constraints and the differing requirements of customer product implementations. This document identifies the third-party vendors Intel has partnered with for platforms based on the Intel Atom Processor Z670/Z650 with Intel SM35 Express Chipset. It also provides the appropriate third-party BIOS contacts that customers should communicate with to enlist development and validation support for their production-level firmware needs for this platform.

Sources: Intel

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