Ultrasonic Range Detection

Ultrasonic Range Detection


This application note describes the use of PIC microcontroller Core Independent Peripherals (CIP) in ultrasonic range detection applications. The featured peripherals of Microchip’s PIC16F176X family enable the described example ultrasonic range detection circuit to calculate the distance traveled by the ultrasonic signal with minimum intervention from its Central Processing Unit (CPU).

Block Diagram

The shows the block diagram of an ultrasonic range detection system based on the PIC16F1769 microcontroller. The CIPs and on-chip peripherals used in the design are the following:

  • Data Signal Modulator (DSM)
  • Configurable Logic Cell (CLC)
  • Hardware Limit Timer (HLT)
  • Comparator (CMP)
  • Operational Amplifier (OPA)
  • Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM)
  • Capture Compare PWM (CCP)
  • Timers

The interconnection of these peripherals significantly reduces the component count needed to implement an ultrasonic range detection application. 

Sources: Microchip

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