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Want to Build an Arduino-Based Component Tester?

Building one's own Arduino shield -- along with the associated sketch (program) -- to implement a DIY component tester would have tremendous educational value.

1.44 W Non-Isolated Buck Converter

This article is a reference design report for a 1.44 W non-isolated buck converter employing LinkSwitch™-TN2 LNK3204D/P/G. It normally operates at an input voltage ranging from 85 VAC to 26...

How to Read Data Sheets: Introduction

Data sheets vary between component types and manufacturers. As a result, each data sheet can present its own unique problems.

Move Over Outdated Tools: The Internet of Clean (IoC) will be the Future Norm

Increased productivity and efficiency, lower carbon footprint, enhanced safety, and improved hygiene will be just some of the benefits resulting from the use of robotics in commercial cleaning.

How to Effectively Interpret Data Sheets to Recognize Misleading Information

Have you ever run across a data sheet that exhibits confusing, misleading, or missing information? If you are involved in developing electronic products, one of the things you can look...

Impossible Space Drives and Interplanetary Transport Networks

To date, there is no theoretical consensus as to how a resonant cavity can provide for the direct conversion of electrical energy to thrust without the need to expel any...

Radioactive Boy Scouts and Boys Who Play with Fusion

Can you imagine what would happen if cartoon whiz-kid Jimmy Neutron were real and he had a brainchild with MacGyver?

Here’s How You Can Win an Ultimate Arduino Kit

EEWeb's partner EDN is giving away an Ultimate Arduino Kit! The kit includes more than 200 items ($130 value), and will take you to a whole new level as far...

Asymmetric Authentication of a Remote Device

This application note describes the use of cryptography module ATECC508A to perform asymmetric authentication of a remote device. This also utilizes Microchip's Curiosity PIC32MZEF development board. In the process, the...

Sign up for the Barr Group's Annual Embedded System's Survey

Participants in the 2018 Embedded Systems Design Survey can win one of two Fluke 117 Digital Multimeters or one of three $25 Amazon gift cards. As you may know, one of the members of...