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Artificial Intelligence Meets Verification Technology

In this podcast, verification expert Lauro Rizzatti and EEWeb.com’s editor-in-chief, Max Maxfield, discuss the relationship between artificial intelligence and design verification.

Breadboard Power Supply Adaptor: DIY vs. Off-the-Shelf

Here are two breadboard power supply alternatives. If you were tasked with creating a solution of your own, is there anything you would do differently?

Innovative Peripherals

Microchip's innovative peripherals are products (such as PIC24 and dsPIC33) that free your core and help improve its performance and flexibility. This high level of integration reduces design cost and...

HiperPFS-4 High Power Factor Across Load Range

This video shows how HiperPFS-4’s unique light-load filter compensation algorithm corrects for input filter distortion even at loads under 20%, ensuring excellent PF and THD. The HiperPFS-4 family ICs are...

The Omnificent English Dictionary in Limerick Form

For reasons unknown, the folks at OEDILF have set themselves the goal of: "Writing at least one limerick for each meaning of each and every word in the English language."

2017 was Hardware Emulation's "Marvel-Apps" Year

New emulation apps announced in 2017 included design-for-test (DFT) and low-power verification and Deterministic In-Circuit Emulation (D-ICE).

PAC1934 for Embedded Applications

The PAC1934 is a four channel power/energy monitor with current sensor amplifier and bus voltage monitors that feed high resolution ADCs. It enables energy monitoring with integration periods from ...

Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Electrical Items

Electrical goods are not vegetables. You cannot judge the quality of the product through its exterior appearance. If you want to know whether the electrical items you are purchasing are...

Gamers vs. Miners in Cryptocurrency Conflict

Will we see the day when mobs of gamers and cryptocurrency miners face off at dawn in the parking lots outside computer stores? I've said it before and I'll say...

175 mW Constant Voltage Non-Isolated Buck Converter

This document is a design example report of 175 mW constant voltage, universal input, non-isolated buck converter employing LinkSwitch™-TN2 LNK3202D. It normally operates with an input voltage ranging from 8...