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Heat Curing Epoxy System with Outstanding Chemical Resistance

The Master Bond EP62-1 is a two component epoxy system perfect for long working life at surrounding temperatures and quickly cures at tolerably lifted temperatures. This easy-to-use compound has an...

UV Curable System with a High Glass Transition Temperature

Suitable for high production applications, Master Bond UV25 offers fast fixture times, rapid curing and high temperature resistance. This multifunctional one component UV curable system was developed for bonding, sealing...

Low Viscosity UV Curable Epoxy Based System

The UV15 is an epoxy adhesive system which is exceptional for high performance bonding, coating and sealing and is completely free of oxygen inhibition. It requires no mixing and cures...

Epoxy System with Very Long Pot Life at Ambient Temp

The Master Bond EP62-1 is a two part epoxy system that features long working life at ambient temperatures and rapidly cures at moderately elevated temperatures. This material is easy to...

Flame Resistant Epoxy System

The EP21FRNS-2 is a two component, room temperature curing, flame retardant compound for potting, encapsulating and casting. Particularly, noteworthy are its low smoke generation and that it contains a non-halogenated...

New Extra Fast Soft Recovery Diodes

The new extra fast soft recovery diodes are diodes capable of operating at high commutation rates. It has low reverse recovery current and is outstanding in their dynamic characteristics. In...

Component Moment - EDAC 560 & 572 Series

The 560 and 572 series of E-seal waterproof connectors, from EDAC, utilize a double-latch waterproof solution and silicon rubber seals making them waterproof grade IP67 certified.

Component Moment - Honeywell LSA1A Series

Honeywell continues to show their dominance in the switching market with the LSA1A series of micro switch heavy duty limit switches.  

Component Moment - American Zettler AZ2100 Series

American Zettler, known for their highly reliable relays, is proud to offer their AZ2100 series.

Component Moment - Tamura Current Sensor L34S Series

Tamura’s L34S series of Hall Effect Current Sensors are panel mounted with a large aperture to fit large current carrying wires or buss bars.