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Core Independent Ultrasonic Range Detection

Save development time and money with this low cost hardware approach to ultrasonic range detection explained in a simplified whiteboard video.

Getting Started with ZNEO®-Based MCUs

This application note presents on how to use the peripheral elements of Zilog’s Z16FMC series of flash motor control microcontrollers. This document discusses its features, as well as its ADC...

Implementing Mixed Memory Modes on eZ80 CPU

There are two types of memory modes offered by the eZ80 CPU. This application describes the types of memory modes, and provides a simple application to demonstrate how to properly...

Enabling Low Power Modes on the ZNEO CPU

This application note presents the ZNEO Z164 series of microcontrollers and its power saving features. It describes the ACTIVE, HALT and STOP CPU operating modes, as well as the hardware...

DMA Controller on the ZNEO CPU

This application note presents DMA controller in the ZNEO CPU together with its prominent features, such as, DMA and CPU bandwidth sharing control and four independent DMA channels.

Using L1 Cache on PIC32MZ Devices

The purpose of this application note is to familiarize the reader with the Level 1 (L1) CPU cache implementation in the PIC32MZ device family by bringing awareness to the hazards...

Geomerics: Graphics with Enlighten on ARM

Sam Martin, Head of Technology at Geomerics discusses how Enlighten utilises both the CPU and GPU to produce high quality real-time lighting on mobile devices.

CPU & GPU Integration: The ARM Methodology

Ian Rickards and Edvard Sørgård of ARM give an overview of what ARM is doing now and in the future in the field of processors and system integration in order...

OMAP35x Processors Power-Management Techniques

This whitepaper covers the different methods/ techniques in optimizing system power consumption in OMAP processors of TI. This document will also enumerate the kind of power savings that can be...

Diesel Engine ECU Systems

Among internal combustion engines, diesel engines boast excellent thermal efficiency and can burn fuel that is not highly refined. They use a compression ignition system in which intake air is...