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LCD Design Considerations for Aircraft Navigation Products

Using UWVD (Ultra-Wide-Viewing-Display) technology for avionic instrumentation can improve aircraft/airspace safety.

Low Power LCD Made Easy

The PIC16F19197 microcontroller brings together a battery-friendly LCD drive with Core Independent Peripherals and Intelligent Analog. These features ensure that the LCD screen maintains consistent contrast as battery voltage drops...

Component Moment - AZ Displays ATM0430D12B-CT 4.1" LCD

AZ Displays is now proud to offer their ATM0430D12B-CT display. This 4.3-inch, LED backlit colored LCD display is capable of producing 16.7 million colors.

LCD Biasing and Contrast Control Methods

This article discusses a variety of methods in biasing Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) focusing on employing PIC microcontrollers with an LCD controller. LCD types and LCD waveforms detemine the type...

RZK Application Using RTC of eZ80F91 MCU

This application note describes a Zilog Real-time Kernal (RZK) application that uses the real-time clock (RTC) peripheral of Zilog’s eZ80F91 MCU to function as a world clock.

How to setup a projector?

So your question is mainly about the screen. Of course the best thing to do is buy a projector screen and set it on your wall. Another option is to...

NKK SmartSwitch™ - Another Geek Moment

In this video presented by Digi-Key, Alex Breyer discusses the use of SmartSwitch™ OLED/LCD pushbuttons from NKK Switches. NKK SmartSwitch™ devices are programmable LCD and OLED pushbuttons with built-in display...

27 W Power Supply for LCD Monitors

This is a design example report of a 27 W power supply employing TOP266EG suitable for LCD monitor application. This power supply operates in a wide input voltage range from...

17 W Dual Output Flyback Converter for LCD Monitor

This document is a reference design report of a 17 W dual output flyback converter employing LinkSwitch-HP LNK6774V intended for LCD monitor. This flyback converter operates in a wide input...

Interfacing a Color LCD Module

This application note presents interfacing a color LCD module to the EP72xx and EP73xx. It presents the EP72xx LCD controller description, the color support, the LCD module interface port and...