Building an IR Sampler from IR Universal Remote Device

The device is a complete remote that can be used with a Windows Pocket PC as well as being used as iPod/iPhone.

A Windows Pocket PC program is used by the device to capture, learn and re-transmit IR signals while an IR transmitter was designed to be put in the headphones connector. With two half frequency sine waves out of phase by 180 degrees, the IR signals are saved as a stereo audio .wav files. Each channel is connected to an IR LED in the transmitter which allows emitting a short IR pulse when the sine wave peaked. This results to an IR carrier that is twice the max frequency of an audio player.

A PIC12F675 microcontroller is used along with mounted components. There is a 2-pin female molex attached at the IR transmitter inside the left and right 3.5mm jack. The two soldered IR diodes fit nicely into the molex connector. To start analyzing or recording, the IR remote is placed approximately 5cm from the IR diode then the IR remote button is pressed.

An AC/DC 7-15V wall outlet or a 9V battery can be used to connect to the back side of the finished sampler box to power the device. In order to use an AC wall outlet, a diode should also be added. The audio needs to be normalized before transmitting the recorded IR signal for use with programs such as iTunes playlist or TV.

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