Built Robot with Windshield Wiper Motors

The Built Robot with Windshield Wiper Motors project is a heavy duty type robotic design. The design features creativity and resourcefulness that uses an old windshield driver motor and welded metallic platform. The robotic wheels are independent to each other that it can turn easily in a small circle movement and some particular angular corners.

In this project, the windshield wiper motors are modified into motors that can be controlled by H-bridge motor driver. The motor modification is done by disconnecting one of the brasses of the motor that is used to drive the motor at a slower speed and also provide a connection to the enclosure. It is disconnected in order to prevent a short circuit connection during a reverse polarity of the H-Bridge driver. The physical setup of the wheels are greatly design that already consider rotary encoder disks to be added for measuring the motor speed and motor control in a feedback loop. It operate closely the same as servo motors. Provided that it uses 8 motors with four independent wheels, the ground movement of this robotic wheels is quite straightforward and handy. With all the physical setups and minor modifications of the motors, the design is expected to be driven by an MCU with a corresponding motor driver.

Built Robot with Windshield Wiper Motors project is a good reference for robotic development with different level of durability of the components. It can be used in a heavy duty application especially that requires more durable robotic system.

Sources: Built Robot with Windshield Wiper Motors

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