DIY 3D Scanner

The DIY 3D Scanner is a device used in an object replication. This project is build for scanning actual object details using IR sensor with a custom electronic board. It features a full DIY 3D printed physical construction and custom made 3D scanning electronic board.

DIY 3D Scanner is comprised of stepper motor driver, microSD card module, IR sensor, 12V power connector, and arduino pro micro as the main controller. This arduino pro micro is attached to the custom electronic board in which it sends command to the stepper motor driver for scanning movement. The arduino pro micro analyzes the data received from the IR Sensor. The IR sensor scans the object as the motor rotated the flat surface where the object to be scanned is placed. The scanned data or information is stored to the microSD card with its respected module. This data processed by code written in Matlab in which it loads the data creates point cloud of the object and illustrate the processes cloud of the object by filtering to remove noise and writes the resulting point to an STL file for printing.

This project is suitable for production of 3D printed objects that is really useful in different ways. It is also applicable for gathering data on object especially on some particular and specific application that a 3D details such as dimensions of some objects that cannot be measured easily.

Sources: DIY 3D Scanner

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