ESP32/ESP8266 WIFI Display using MQTT Protocol

The ESP32/ESP8266 WIFI display using MQTT protocol project features several wifi modules suitable to IoT applications. These WiFi modules has  OLED display integrated or connected particularly to the modules. It illustrate some advantages of having a larger display and MQTT standards.

This project comprised of several WiFi display modules in which it uses ESP32 and ESP8266 devices. An MQTT (MQ telemetry Transport) is the standard used on its different setup. It uses a public broker and minor module sketches modification in order to communicate with the devices. A TFT color screen and I2C OLED screen are also included in this project in which these devices are connected to NodeMCUs. Aside of its display sizes, it operate almost the same with the ESP32/ESP8266 OLED WiFi modules.

This project and setup can be applied in IoT applications. It can provide data and display from devices located remotely, and also it requires less resources.

Sources: ESP32/ESP8266 WIFI Display Using MQTT Protocol

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