Humanoid Robot

Humanoid robot project is a small humanoid robot that uses an embedded system board instead of typical controller. This humanoid robot make use of BeagleBone Black in which it extend computation capacity and easy integration with cameras and IMUs.

The project development includes mathematical calculations and code implementations. Its objective is to develop Locomotion libraries (in an API) for the robot to move. All the movements of the robot are created from scratch in order to have some high order instructions same with proprietary software. Both of the arm and leg are programmed using kinematic equations and uses a Dynamixel bus or servos. These servos requires USB2Dynamixel device to have communications with BeagleBone Black. High level movements of this robot are divided into seven different segments such as lean sideway, lift foot, low loft, move hop forward and sideway, lift back foot, low back foot, return to normal position.  These high level movements required a lot of trial and error correction to reach a stable movement. These high level movements “behaviors” based on the input from sensors would move as implemented on the smart foot in which it able to climb or descend stairs, walk forward, and make small turns to the right or left.

This humanoid robot project is suitable for the study of robotics system that able to support human being in daily activities. Also, it is applicable in biomedical that provide opportunities for injured and disabled people to gain capabilities with the use of robotic parts as an alternative of injury or disability.

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