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no image Friday, October 06, 2017 by charles farley

Anyone up for a challenge? Need help finding a sub for this MOSFET ERF7530

new guy here hoping for some engineering expertise.

There is a MOSFET in a TO-218 package that is called the ERF7530, that is being used as an RF amplifier in two way radio gear.

This part has become unavailable, and i have always believed that the company that sold them just re-labeled an already available part.

I am hoping that those of you with the knowledge can look at the data sheet an tell me which part they likely re-labeled.


here is the datasheet:


thanks for any help,



  • by  Kevin Angelo Ma (edited)
    Generally, I would just look at these datasheet of ERF7530 and compare it with others. What component do you think it was relabeled to? usually the letterings on the first part are just changed. Stating a change in batch number or a better version of that component.

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