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Gustavo Cedron Tuesday, October 17, 2017 by Gustavo Cedron

Battery rectifier

Hello, we need a battery rectifier for our company and I would like to have your help. I have been seeing several brands and at the moment the most interesting is the brand Amperis.
What do you think?

Thanks a lot!


  • by  Rick Curl
    Hi Gustavo-

    That Amperis rectifier looks good to me. What are your requirements?  Voltage/current/type of batteries/type of load, etc?

    Once we have a better feel for what you need to accomplish, our team of experts or some of the other readers might be able to offer some comments. 


  • by  Gustavo Cedron

    Thanks for reply me Rick!

    My requirements are:


    Current: 200A,

    Batteries: Gel, fast charge

    I saw in  the Amperis ASR solution and looks prety good.

  • by  Rick Curl
    What is the load?  Is this for a telephone central office?
  • by  Gustavo Cedron
    Yes!! You got it right!
  • by  Rick Curl

    I think the Amperis recitifer is very good, but have you considered a modular rectifier that consists of several smaller units in parallel?  This gives you better failure tolerance and good future expandability.  As an example, look here:  

    Athough that particular recitifier is for single phose input, they also have three-phase models.  There are several companies that make modular rectifiers like this.


  • by  Gustavo Cedron

    It seems to be a valid option too, we will consider it!

    Many thanks Rick

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