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no image Monday, August 21, 2017 by abouabdelmajid khalil

Battery Temperature Sensor

Hi everyone.
Can anybody tell me how to make a battery sensor temperature ? i tought about using LM35 and sticking it on the battery so i can figure out the temperature with arduino but it seem not a practical way for me because i think there must be some way to know the temperature by measuring the curent no ? anyway i am just saying ... can anybody help me how to buld one ?


  • by  Sambath Kumar (edited)
    Hi, Abouabdelmajid khali. Temperature of battery goes high when the current goes high so i prefer to safegaurd the battery by sensing the current than than the temperature, limit the bat current to a max of 1/10 of the bat ah you can add a float charger ckt when bat has attained its full charge stage or you can even add a cut off for the charging ckt.lot of ckts are avaliable in the net for your ref. Good luck
  • by  abouabdelmajid khalil (edited)
    ok thank you for your answer

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