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no image Wednesday, October 25, 2017 by Rob O'Toole

CW analog xtalk?

Am looking for good simulation or analysis tool for calculating analog xtalk between conductors.

By this I mean, xtalk considering the signal to be a continuous sine wave of a given frequency.

Most(all?) tools I've looked into calculate xtalk based on edges of pulsed signals.

Anyone else look into this?


  • by  David Ashton

    Rob, you're asking a lot here: as you observe, crosstalk is usually given for digital signals based on the rise time.

    I did find a PDF here that does give some equations based on single frequency parameters but not sure if it will be any use to you, you may be able to dig further on the same site:

    I have been bitten by crosstalk myself, as you can read here:

    Good luck in your search.

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