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Michelle O'Brien Thursday, November 23, 2017 by Michelle O'Brien


There is no way at present we now learn to post

pictures, diagrams, schema on the EPE on-line

forum's new home here, https://www.eeweb.com/forum/tags/epe-magazine.

So sorry, but that's me out.

Thank you Alan Winstanley and Max and everyone

else who has worked so hard trying to find the

EPE forum a new base.

But words, words, words and nothing but words are

no use to me.

As Alice in Wonderland asked, what is the use of

a book (or on-line forum, as she could have said

nowadays) without pictures?

To understand I need to see.

If/when EPE magazine announces that the forum's

new home can feature pictures, diagrams and

schema I'll be back for sure - EEWeb.com is a

good site.

But until then, it has to be goodbye from me.


Michelle O'Brien


  • by  PeterTraneus Anderson
    Any URL can be included as plain text. Readers can manually copy and paste the URL into a web browser. You can create whatever you want on your web page. In forum entry "Fourier Series Expansion for a PWM signal", the author gives the URL for a waveform plot he put on the web.
  • by  Alan Winstanley

    The problem that Michelle points out is that the original forum belonging to EPE Magazine, based on the now defunct Discusware, allowed users to upload their images (or any other files) direct onto EPE's web server, so they didn't need to host images elsewhere. I would offer to host images for EPE readers on EPEMag.Net if they mailed them to me, but it's still a cludge and images don't display inline.

    I would have thought that if users uploaded to Facebook, Dropbox or wherever, and then linked to a URL, that would do the trick but it's not as elegant. I can't think of all that many forums that would host users' own images for them, I suspect EPE spoilt our readers in that respect. Anyways it's on the Wish List and I was recently asked for a spec. by the forum developers.  I noted that the <> HTML button recently disappeared off the toolbar, otherwise I'd code HREF links directly.

  • by  Max Maxfield
    As Alan mentioned, we are looking into adding this functionality -- I asked Alan to describe exactly what it was that you could do on the old EPE Chat Zone forums and then I passed this on to our EEWeb dev team.

    We're really sorry to see you go Michelle, but we will be certain to contact you when we do manage to get this functionality added into our site -- regards -- Max

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