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no image Thursday, December 07, 2017 by Gregory Turkish

How to build a dating app

Does somebody have a relative experience or is there any article or on the subject?


  • by  Chip Fryer


    Whilst I have no actual experience of creating such an app I would imagine that you are basically going to have a database at the back end. That is where I would start.

    Create a DB that runs scripts to find "matches" based on whatever algorithm you choose. Once you have your DB working then look at creating an app that connects to your DB (a lot of apps are little more than just cut down browsers).

    If you are only interested in Apple phones / pads you could use Filemaker as your database as this allows you to "design" for iPhone / iPad use and has a free app to connect to your DB. It is very easy to use, otherwise perhaps try LAMP?


  • by  Aubrey Kagan (edited)

    Does somebody have a relative experience

    Wait, you're asking us techno-dweebs advice on dating? and maybe even about dating family??

    According to the movie "Social Network" Mark Zuckerberg started out  developing a dating app. That turned out well for him so maybe you're on to something...

     However maybe you're asking about developing an app for Android and/or Apple (since that is how it's tagged) . From my experience in developing in the Google suggested development environment, based in Eclipse using Java  it is something to be avoided.

    I would suggest using the Basic4Android development tools which will make your life a lot easier. They also have a similar environment for Apple, although I think you still have to register with Apple before you can use it.

    Apparently you can use Microsoft's Visual C# environment (free) to develop for Android- it is also described in several books including one from Elektor,  "C# Programming for Windows and Android"

    I wrote a review of B4A "My first skirmish with Basic for Android" . You may be interested, if this indeed was your question.

  • by  Rick Curl
    Now- if you had asked about a CARBON dating app, we could probably be a lot more helpful!


  • by  ethan bradberry (edited)

    You need to be more specific in things you say. the only thing i saw was this article though it's quite good one

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