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no image Wednesday, October 04, 2017 by Kojala Falleh

I need a gas sensor/detector for a drone project


I'm working on a project at college where I'm flying a drone to detect gas emmissions from vehicles, and send the data to a server. My question is, is there any good sensor that can detect emissions (at least one type of gas, like CO2) from a reasonable distance?

Thank you.


  • by  Richard Gabric (edited)
    There are two types of sensors in common use, one requires the gas pass through it(or over)it, they are typically a MEMS device of some sort. Other use lasers to measure absorption at specific wavelengths associated with the gas of interest, which is what you need, since they operate remotely. See this paper below for example. Cheers, Richard
  • by  David Ashton

    Kojala...a supplier I use used to supply many types of gas sensor but now have only 2, for carbon monoxide and alcohol:

    I think these sensors are fairly easy to use but have a look... the carbon monoxide one might work for vehicles as they are know emitters of it.

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