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no image Sunday, January 14, 2018 by Hajime Mashite

Need help on a time-invariant circuit design assignment

I got a circuit design assignment that I have no clue at all about it. I have to design a time-invariant circuit that provides input-output characteristic as shown in the image below,

that circuit

The design problems are specified below:

  • continuous-time, memoryless, time-invariant circuit
  • The design uses MOS (ALD1101, ALD1102, IRF510, IRF9510)
  • The characteristic need not be a sinusoidal function.
  • Uses 1-V supply
  • The challenge is to maximize the swing V_0

note: the horizontal axis is V in and not time

Really I have no clue at all about this problem. The only approach that crosses my mind is to implement time-invariant system y(t) = sin(x(t)). But, I am sure that it is not the solution to the problem.

Your time and help will be greatly appreciated. :)


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