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no image Friday, January 19, 2018 by Hans Kislinger

Protection of Dry Type Air Core Reactor connected to Transmission Line


We are installing a 30MVAR 230kV shunt dry type air core reactor to be connected to a Transmission Line for voltage control, and I am trying to determine protection requirements for the reactor. I have the following questions:

1) What kind of protection should be provided for shunt dry type air core reactors connected to a transmission Line?

2) Should there be dedicated reactor protection provided or the line protection (used to protect the line) can be used to protect the reactor as well?

3) Should auto-reclose be allowed to reclose onto a faulted reactor? This case would apply where no fault discrimination is available because the line protection is also used to detect faults in the reactor. The advantage of this is that no standalone CT would need to be installed for the reactor (more economical solution).

We usually use oil immerse reactors for this type of application and have never used air core dry type reactors. It seems that they are not very common in the industry as it has been difficult to get feedback.

Thanks all.


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