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no image Friday, February 09, 2018 by Derek Miller

resistor identification

i'm in need of some help to identify a resistor.  It came out of a 2000 Lexus ES300 rear defrost.  

Dealer wants $1300 + to replace complete window.

so any help will be appreciated.



  • by  PeterTraneus Anderson
    Color code: black 0, brown 1, red 2, orange 3, yellow 4, green 5, blue 6, violet 7,  gray 8, white 9. The number of the common rainbow flag is thus either 765432 or 234567. The number of the NBC Peacock logo is thus 432765 or 567234.

    Color bands left-to-right on your resistor: red black black gold white. First two bands are value, red black means  20. Third band is multiplier, how many zeros to append, in this case none, so value is 20 ohms. Fourth band is tolerance, gold means 5 % (silver would mean 10 %, brown would mean 1 % and has third band in value), fifth band is manufacturer-related.

    So it's 20 ohms 5% resistor. From the size it looks like one-tenth-watt. I'd replace with one-fourth-watt or one-half-watt: compare physical size of these with physical size of original. Bigger size is likely to be more reliable.

  • by  Richard Gabric
    One would have to ask if the resistor caused the failure, or its failure is the result of a fault elsewhere, good luck,


  • by  PeterTraneus Anderson
    Good point, Richard. Something else may have caused the resistor to fail. How do you know the resistor has failed? Have you measured its resistance? Overheating is a usual reason for resistor failure. From the photo, the resistor has not been burned up: The Magic Smoke has not been let out.

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