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no image Tuesday, August 15, 2017 by Prashant Akerkar

Resistor Printing Value

Can Resistor value be printed on the passive component?

Example : 100 ohms.

Thanks & Regards,

Prashant S Akerkar


  • by  Kevin Angelo Ma (edited)
    I think there is what we call, resistor color coding. But if yes, it would have been much easier to read if its the word itself unless you have a very big resistor though.
  • by  Dean Franks (edited)
    Many surface mount resistors 0603 size and larger have the resistor value printed on the package (slightly encoded with 2 or 3 digits of value plus one digit of multiplier). 102 is a 1K resistor, 223 is a 22K ohm resistor. Many larger through hole resistors have the full value printed on the resistor. Others have a set of color coded rings. See for details.

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