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no image Monday, November 27, 2017 by S K

Variable current circuit design for High Power LED

Specs of LED(BXRA-56C5300H 50W) are 23.5 Vf and 2.1 A typical current.
Led max rated current is 4 A @ 28.5 V only for pusling at 10% duty cycle.

My actual project has 64 such LEDs and will be powered with 24 V 67 A DC supply to 32 such LEDS so equivalent 2.09 A current for each LED string connected in parallel to supply.

I want the LED should be operating at this rated current of 2.1 A for 99% of time and must be able to switch (digitally controllable) must draw 4A with 10% duty cycle and switch back to regular 2.1 A current.

I do have heatsinks for these LEDs as they will be dissipating lot of heat. Can anyone suggest me circuit for this and explain .

Thank you!


  • by  Elizabeth Simon

    I expect that you will need something at a higher voltage than a 24 VDC supply. Especially if you want  to selectively boost the current on some LEDs for a period of time.My experience with LEDs is that the Voltage across them increases somewhat as the current increases. It is also wise to have some sort of current limit in your circuit to not burn out the LEDs.

    This company markets LED drivers including for 24V LEDs. It may be worth looking up who makes the LED drivers and reverse engineering them.

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