Half Bridge Driver Evaluation Board

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Half Bridge Driver Evaluation Board

Half Bridge Driver Evaluation Board Schematic
  • High to low side isolation of 1000V
  • Common-mode dv/dt immunity of greater than 50V/nanosecond
  • On-chip generated negative gate drive
  • Overcurrent protection by means of desaturation detection
  • Under voltage lockout
  • Fault indication output for system diagnostic
  • Optimized power circuit layout
  • High side bootstrap supply
  • Sockets for freewheeling fast recovery diodes (FREDS)
  • Flexibility of power level utilization
  • 5V compatible HCMOS input logic with hysterisis
  • Protection from cross conduction of the half bridge
  • Simple, fast and low cost means of evaluation and design
  • Option for using IXDP630 with RC oscillator or
  • IXDP631 with crystal oscillator for improved dead time accuracy.
  • Three phase operation with the ability to attach additional slave driver boards.

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