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UP Squared Maker Board to Create Your Own IOT Applications

AAEON brings you UP Squared, an advanced maker board with low power consumption, high performance specifications.

IoT Chip Security with Highly Secure Manufacture and Test Service

The recent Meltdown and Spectre problems have highlighted the vulnerability of computer chips to hacking that can, at least, be addressed through software patches.  However, another area that is increasingly...

Embedded Controller for Factory Automation and Machine Vision Applications

AAEON is pleased to announce the release of the BOXER-6640, an embedded controller with a 6th or 7th Generation Intel® Core™ Desktop Processor and support for DDR4 memory

IAR Systems And Secure Thingz Collaborate For Easier IoT Security Implementation

IAR Systems® and Secure Thingz announced the next step in their collaboration to provide new technology in order to simplify the development of secure, connected devices.

Microchip Expands Computing Capabilities

The MEC17XX and MEC14XX families of embedded controllers are now available from Microchip Technology Inc. It has enhanced Serial Peripheral Interface (eSPI) with the host interface supported by the latest...

Keyboard and Embedded Controller Products for Notebook PC

The MEC140x/1x family of devices is a keyboard and embedded controller customized for notebooks and tablet platforms. It also provides a flexible arrangement that allows multiple I/O signals to be...

10 W Embedded Power Supply Design

Power Integrations has unveiled a new Design Example Report (DER-572) that demonstrates a solution for small and large appliance supplies using LinkSwitch-CV, an off-line switcher featuring accurate primary-side constant-voltage (CV) control...

12 V Smart Amplifier with Embedded DSP

NXP announced the availability of TFA9892, a 12 V smart audio amplifier with embedded DSP featuring higher voltage to obtain deeper bass and higher sound fidelity. This powerful, but tiny...

Major Update of ARM Development Tools

IAR Systems® has launched a major update of its development tools for ARM. Version 8.10 of IAR Embedded Workbench® for ARM® provides complete support for the C11 and C++14 language...

StarChip’s Secure IC for Bank Cards with SuperFlash® Tech

Microchip Technology Inc. through its Silicon Storage Technology (SST) subsidiary, announces that their embedded SuperFlash® technology is enabling secure bank cards through a secure integrated circuit from StarChip®. SST's reliable...