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New All-in-one Software Tool from STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics’ STM32CubeProgrammer (STM32CUBEPROG) software tool delivers device-programming and firmware upgrade for STM32 microcontrollers in a unified, multi-platform, and user-configurable environment.

Introspect Technology Releases ESP Version 3.6

Introspect Technology, maker of innovative products that address the entire multi-Gbps test and measurement instrument experience, has announced today the release of version 3.6 of its Award-Winning development environment: Introspect ESP.

AVR32 Microcontroller Debugger/Programmer

The AVR ONE! is a powerful development tool for on-chip debugging and programming of all AVR32 devices. The tool uses AVR32 Studio 2 as its supported IDE interface along with...

Technology-Based Education Design Tools

Digi-Key Corporation announced its global distribution agreement with Digilent, Inc, a manufacturer of boards and engineering products used for technology-based educational design tools utilized by students and universities globally.

Low Cost Programming Kit

The MLXSPI-01 is a programming kit that supports all Melexis kitparts using the SPI. It features compatibility with nearly any running PC and an easy to use software is included.

High-density 45nm Serial NOR Flash

Micron Technology has announced the availability of 45nm Serial NOR Flash memory samples in 512Mb, 1Gb, and 2Gb densities with a standard SPI interface. These new MT25Q SPI NOR devices...

DSP Conductor Development Software

The DSP Conductor software is a comprehensive development kit expressly developed to support the CS4961xx family of CobraNet + DSP devices. The DSP Conductor tool targets CobraNet’s new CS4961xx IC...

Enclosure Protects Programming Boards

Bud Industries continues its focus on developing plastic enclosures for popular programming boards by introducing its new FBB-3665 enclosure designed for the Model KL25Z Freescale Freedom Development Platform. Watch a...

Regulator With I2C Voltage Programming

Intersil Corporation today introduced the world's first I2C controlled buck-boost regulator, delivering a highly flexible solution for providing a regulated output voltage from a varying input voltage. The ISL9112 is...

Programmable DC/DC Converter

Murata Power Solutions today announced the introduction of the OKI-T/3-W32 series of surface mount point of load (PoL) DC/DC converters. Designed specifically to suit +12 or +24 VDC industrial applications...