Product Insights - ADI HMC1081, 1105, and 1144

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For this Arrow Product Insights, we focus on gallium arsenide monolithic microwave ICs, or GaAs MMICs, from Analog Devices.  These are MMICs that can be used in applications for V-band frequencies, WiGig, aerospace and defense, and high speed test and measurement.

The HMC1081 is an ideal mixer for military and test and measurement applications, offering a very wide IF of up to 26 GHz.  A passive 50 to 75 GHz mixer based on GaAs schottky diode technology, the HMC1081 requires no DC bias, and operates at a nominal LO drive of 12 dBm.  The HMC1081 is a double-balanced mixer, eliminating the need to filter the input signals from the output for easier integration into the final product.  All bond pads and the die backside use a titanium/gold metallization, with the die measuring 1.23 x 1.21 x 0.1 mm.

When designs require a lower LO frequency, Analog Devices offers the HMC1105 passive frequency multiplier as an ideal companion.  The HMC1105 provides frequency doubling of inputs from 20 to 40 GHz in a 1.79 x 1.19 x 0.1 mm die based on the same schottky diode technology as the HMC1081. The HMC1105 provides suppression for both fundamental and higher order harmonics and adds no measurable additive noise to the output.  The die accepts an input drive power level of +15 dBm with conversion loss depending on the input frequency, but typical loss is 11 to 12 dB.  The combination of HMC1081 mixer and HMC1105 multiplier offers a unique frequency conversion from 50-75 GHz wide frequency range, requires nominal LO drive and provides good performance across the frequency band.

The HMC1144 provides a gain of 19 dB across its entire 40 to 70 GHz frequency range, offering performance unmatched by any other medium power amplifier available today. Inputs and outputs are internally matched to 50 Ω to facilitate integration of the die into multichip modules, with the die measuring 2.3 x 1.8 x 0.102 mm and operating from a 4 V, 320 mA supply.  The HMC1144 utilizes two cascaded, four stage amplifiers in quadrature between two 90° hybrids, providing at least 15 dB return loss on inputs and outputs and a saturated power of 22 dBm.


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