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Today, Arrow Electronics has introduced two new kit solutions, both complete with its own powerful set of tools designed to streamline the process of evaluating, prototyping, and going into production with new IoT device designs. The Arrow Quadro IoT Wi-Fi Kit is based on a two-level solution, with each level composed of two types of wireless modules. The modules in the kit are dubbed the PCBM-1GC, the PCBM-1GC-IMP005, the Shield SH-PCBM 1GC, and the Shield SH-PCBM-1GC-IMP005. All of these modules are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of the IoT world with their combination of wireless and wired communications, processing capabilities, and cloud-based application technology. The PCBM-1GC and PCBM-1GC-IMP005 feature a small-form-factor printed circuit board (PCB) with dimensions of just 18 x 30 mm. Both versions are based on CYW43907, a new, high-performance chipset from Cypress Semiconductor, incorporated in the 1GC and 1GC-IMP005 modules from Murata. The CYW43907 is a highly integrated device, comprising a large number of functions required for embedded applications. This helps to simplify designs and drive down the costs of producing high-volume IoT products.

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