Hirose KN27 Series LED Lighting Connectors At Heilind

Heilind Electronics added Hirose's KN27 Series LED lighting module connectors to its extensive inventory of interconnect products.

KN27 Series connectors feature a smaller footprint than standard LED lighting connectors, with a height of only 4.2 mm and a length of 11.85 mm. In addition, these RoHS-compliant connectors offer a high current rating of up to 9 A.

Aside from its 2-point contact engagement, one of the unique features of the KN27 Series is its toolless “strip and poke” design. Furthermore, the product is constructed with a guide for easy cable connection and a lever for easy disengagement. As a result, the KN27 Series connector offers a more reliable termination than traditional terminal blocks in LED lighting module applications.

Hirose’s KN27 Series LED lighting module connectors are used in a wide variety of applications, including LED lighting, distribution boxes, lighting controls, HVAC and building automation.

Sources: Heilind Electronics

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