Innovation from Small Digital Agencies – the failure of Advertising Agencies

By Elisha Mutholy |

The take-off of the new, digital age has resulted in small start-ups and boutique agencies surpassing the ‘big advertising agency business’ with leaders of traditional agencies failing to innovate. The question remains, have   traditional SEO agencies successfully evolved along with the introduction of new, innovative technology? And have they been able to keep up with smaller firms, who have utilised digital media and who are thriving in today’s digital age?

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For the most part, the answer is no. The business of big advertising agencies has been on the decline since the rise of the digital age – that’s certain. This is primarily due to their failure to innovate, and rather than rethink the possibilities of digital mediums, many of them have focused on what they already knew rather than exploring new possibilities that they didn’t.Many advertising agencies have successfully cut themselves off from smaller start-ups that understand the digital world and the use it has for advertising possibilities because of this failure to innovate. Instead of recognising this new age of technology, and evolving with it by rethinking, redefining and re-approaching ideas and strategies, many SEO agencies you hire have chosen to stick with traditional forms and techniques.Of course, this failure to innovate doesn’t apply to all advertising agencies, but those larger, traditional agencies, led by people who have begun to lose their foothold as the rise of the digital era has dawned upon us. 

Another crucial reason regarding the failure of many traditional agencies has been their failure to listen to the new generation of employees who have grown up with technology as an integrated and familiar component in their lives. These people know technology, and they know what it can bring to the table. They understand how to reach people across a variety of different media platforms, they are clued in about the latest start-ups, and they are for the most part, ahead of their bosses when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of the digital world. 

Head agency leaders need to be on the lookout for innovations that are new, fresh, and on the rise. Learning from young people who have a detailed knowledge of innovative technology and social media is crucial. It is for this reason that young employees need to be viewed upon as a crucial, and valuable asset to any agency. Finally, it’s about being innovative; it’s the only way to survive in this new technology-driven era. 

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