IXYS has gained a worldwide reputation as a premier power semiconductor manufacturer. Its diversified product base of specialized power semiconductors, integrated circuits and RF power is utilized by more than 2500 customers worldwide, ranging across industrial, transportation, telecommunications, computer, medical, consumer and clean tech markets. Learn more about IXYS’ 28-year history, its founder Dr. Nathan Zommer, its divisions and current growth.


  • 30A 4kV Isolated Dual Channel Gate Driver


    IXYS announces the availability of IXIDM1403_1505_M device in which a 30A, dual channel, 4000V isolated gate driver module. It features a IX6610/11 gate driver chipset...More

  • MCU-Based UART Single Chip Communication Device


    Zilog introduces ZDU0110RFX Digital Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) device that is based on advanced MCU technology for industrial, automotive and telecommunication applications. It can provide full...More

  • Advanced CMOS 8-Bit Microcontroller


    The Z51F0410 MCU is advanced CMOS 8-bit microcontroller with 4K bytes of Flash. This is a powerful microcontroller which provides a highly flexible and cost...More

  • Low-Cost Digital Television Controller


    The Z90102/103/104 is a 40-pin Low-Cost Digital Television Controller equipped with 4, 6, and 8 KB of ROM and 236 bytes of RAM. The Z90102/103/10...More

  • MCU for Security Firewall Applications


    The ZGATE Embedded Security Firewall combines the eZ80F91 MCU and Zilog’s full-featured ZTP Embedded Internet Software Suite and TCP/IP Stack with a world-class embedded firewall...More