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TAGS: Solid State Relay

  • SSR with Integral Current Limiting


    The CPC1540 is an optically isolated Solid State Relay (SSR) solution that replaces electromechanical devices and enhances system robustness. It is a 350V, current limiting, normally...More

  • Dual, Single Pole, Normally Open SSR


    The XAA117 is a low input, controlled current solid state relay with low drive power requirements and 3750 Vrms input to output isolation voltage. It...More

  • Miniature Normally Open SSR


    The CPC1006N is a miniature single-pole, normally open (1-Form-A) solid state relay in a 4-pin SOP package that employs optically coupled MOSFET technology to provide...More

  • Isolated SSR with Voltage Protection


    The CPC1593 normally open (1-Form-A) optically isolated SSR features a load voltage of 600V peak maximum, continuous load current of +/- 120mA maximum and an...More

  • Single Pole, Normally Closed OptoMOS® Relay


    The CPC1333 is a single-pole, normally closed optoMOS® relay featuring 5000 Vrms input/output isolation voltage and blocking voltage of 350 Vp. It is 100% solid...More