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I've been covering Test & Measurement for longer than I've been alive (or so it seems), spending 20 years with Test & Measurement World before moving to sister publication EDN. I've also been known to pop up on EE Times from time to time. Now, I'm expanding into the wild and wacky world of EEWeb.

My real claim to fame is having written six songs about life as an engineer. I've also been part of the EMC Society Band since its inception at the 2009 symposium in Austin. My first tune, The Measurement Blues, is now a classic, and my fans (all two of them) look forward to my performances at the IEEE EMC Symposiums.

I'm also responsible for preserving EDN's 57-year print collection by swooping in as the office closed, loading the issues onto a truck in the dark of night, and delivering them to a university's school of engineering where librarians have promised to preserve them for all time.

Tryout: Aeroscope Bluetooth Oscilloscope

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Senior technical editor Martin Rowe got his hands dirty with An Aeroscope Model 100A pen-shaped oscilloscope that connected to an iOS device. With a little improvement, it will be well worth the $199 price.