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By Martin Rowe |

Senior technical editor Martin Rowe got his hands dirty with An Aeroscope Model 100A pen-shaped oscilloscope that connected to an iOS device. With a little improvement, it will be well worth the $199 price.

With so many people setting up home labs, building things that use embedded electronics, and fixing products from appliances to TVs, there's been a myriad of low-cost oscilloscopes appearing on the market in the last few years. They range from wristwatch-size to those requiring a PC, to devices that connect directly to an iPad or iPhone. The latest entry from Aeroscope meets what I consider the critical $200 price point. It just needs a few software enhancements to be a great product.

Aeroscope, the brainchild of Jonathan Ward and Alexander Lee, has completed an initial round of funding through Kickstarter. Now, the result of that project is here: the Aeroscope Model 100A, a pen-shaped, single-channel, 20 MHz/100 Msample/s oscilloscope. Through an iOS app (Android coming), the Model 100A connects to iPhone (4S or later) or iPad (3 or later) over a Bluetooth Low Energy (BT 4.0) connection. That's enough for you to remotely monitor a machine or walk around and show others the signals on your circuits. Of course, you can take screen images as well.

The Aeroscope 100A is a handy tool. It's easy to hold and comes with a probe tip and mini-grabbers for connecting to boards and wires. It just needs a few features that can be added into the app -- cursors, frequency measurement, FFT, pulse-width trigger, auto setup, and data recording -- to be a "must-have" in your tool kit. 

See the full review $199 wireless oscilloscope needs a few enhancements, which includes a five-minute video, on EEweb's sister publication, EDN

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  • by  Max Maxfield
    Oooh -- I so want one of these!!!
  • by  Martin Rowe


    Unfortunately, I don't get to send it to you. It must be returned to Aeroscope.
    Here's another picture.

  • by  Kevin Angelo Ma
    woooow!. that is some cool stuff. imagine in the palm of my hands is a handy osci-on-the-go. very nice.
  • by  Martin Rowe

    Unfortunately, I sent the tool back to Aeroscope. I did get a nice e-mail from them for an honest review.

    $199 wireless oscilloscope needs a few enhancements

  • by  David Ashton

    There is a similar gadget I saw recently here:

    200 MSPS / 30 MHZ so a bit better there, and Wifi b/g/n rather than BLE.  BUT it is over $400 so wil incur Martin's wrath for the price.  I think we will see more and more of this kind of thing.  There is also a 2-channel wireless DMM which looks tasty and is not too pricey:

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