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  • Unified Centralized Network Stack (UNICENS)


    UNICENS is a new technology that separates application development and network management by defining a standardized abstraction layer between low-level hardware-specific software and applications. Compared ... More

  • Asymmetric Authentication of a Remote Device


    This application note describes the use of cryptography module ATECC508A to perform asymmetric authentication of a remote device. This also utilizes Microchip's Curiosity PIC32MZEF development ... More

  • Innovative Peripherals


    Microchip's innovative peripherals are products (such as PIC24 and dsPIC33) that free your core and help improve its performance and flexibility. This high level of ... More

  • PAC1934 for Embedded Applications


    The PAC1934 is a four channel power/energy monitor with current sensor amplifier and bus voltage monitors that feed high resolution ADCs. It enables energy monitoring ... More

  • Pillbox Alarm Application


    This document describes the implementation of the pillbox alarm application software that runs on the P4 board. The AVR P4 Field Engagement Board (FEB) allows ... More