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  • Low Quiescent Current LDO Regulators


    Microchip's large selection of Low Dropout (LDO) regulators allows your application to remain longer in standby/sleep mode. It has the highest performance for quiescent current ... More

  • USB Battery Charging with the USB2534 Hub Controller


    This document is an application note describing USB battery charging using USB2534 hub controller. The document includes an overview of Legacy battery charging, USB-IF BC1. ... More

  • USB Batttery Charging with Hub Controllers


    This application note provides an information about using USB as an interface in charging batteries of portable electronic gadgets such as cell phones, tablets, digital ... More

  • USB Battery Charging with USB2534 Hub Controller


    The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is the most used computer interface in the world. It started as an expansion bus for personal computers, but has ... More

  • Ni-MH Battery Charger Application Library


    The Battery Charger Application Library easily allows adding battery charging functionality to portable applications. Since it is very compact (uses less than 2k words of ... More