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TAGS: Capacitive

  • CAP1188 Device Family Sampling and Cycle Timing


    This application note discusses about CAP1188 family timing parameters particularly in capacitive sensing cycle timing and recalibration timing. CAP1188 family capacitive sensors include CAP1188, CAP1166 ... More

  • Capacitive Voltage Divider Acquisition Methods


    Capacitive sensors are PIC® MCU pins connected to an area of conductive material through an optional series resistor. As the environment changes around the sensor ... More

  • mTouch™ Metal Over Cap Technology


    This application note describes how to create an interface using the Metal Over Capacitive touch system. In a traditional capacitive system, the user changes the ... More

  • Feel the Funk with the PIC18F67J94 Development Board


    This is a quick video of some of the features of 18F67J94 development board. These features include Direct-Drive LCD, Wireless Interface, Accelerometer, Capacitive Touch Sensing ... More

  • CTMU for Capacitive Touch Applications


    This application note describes the use of Microchip’s Charge Time Measurement Unit (CTMU) for capacitive touch applications. The CTMU is an excellent peripheral for use ... More