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TAGS: Digital

  • MCP37Dxx Pipeline Analog-to-Digital Converter


    Microchip Technology’s new pipeline analog-to-digital converters enable applications to reduce system complexity with high integration of digital processing. With small packaging and internal bypass capacitors ... More

  • Digitally-Enhanced Power Analog Controllers


    This video introduces the Microchip's MCP19116 and MCP19117 digitally-enhanced power analog controllers that used intelligent on-chip pulse width modulation to simplify control across all operating ... More

  • Design Guidelines for USB225x/USB224x/USB264x/ USB266X High-Speed SD


    This article is an application note of the design guidelines of PCB layout for USB225x/USB224x/USB264x/USB266X high-speed secure-digital (SD) media sockets. The details of the app ... More

  • Closed-Loop Digital Control & Safety Monitoring


    This video introduces the PIC16F161X microcontrollers (MCUs) that offers an advanced closed-loop digital control and safety monitoring and features core independent peripherals. These devices are ... More

  • Tutorial on the MCP46XXEV Development Tool


    This video is a tutorial of the MCP46xxEV digital potentiometer evaluation board. The MCP46XX Evaluation Board allows the system designer to quickly evaluate the operation ... More