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TAGS: Sensor

  • PAC1934 for Embedded Applications


    The PAC1934 is a four channel power/energy monitor with current sensor amplifier and bus voltage monitors that feed high resolution ADCs. It enables energy monitoring ... More

  • MCP9902 Remote Temperature Sensor


    Mitch Polonsky, Remote Temperature Sensor Product Marketer in Mixed-Signal and Linear Division at Microchip Technology, introduces and demonstrates the Microchip's remote temperature sensor capabilities employing ... More

  • A World First in High-Side Current/Power Sensors


    This video introduces the PAC1621 high-side power/current sensor that gives a configurable analog output for power, current or voltage over a single pin and a ... More

  • PIC16F183XX 8-bit Family of MCUs – IoT Sensor Badge


    Janmichael Aberouette, Senior Product Marketing Manager in the MCU8 division at Microchip Technology, introduces a demonstration platform that highlight some of the key features of ... More

  • PAC1921 High-Side Power/Current Sensor


    Mitch Polonsky, High-side Current Sensor Product Marketer at Microchip Technology, introduces the PAC1921 high-side power/current sensor that features both an I2C compatible bus with a ... More