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  • PIC32 Audio Codec Daughter Card


    The PIC32 Audio Codec Daughter Board AC320100 is a high-performance stereo codec board designed specifically to be used with the PIC32 Bluetooth® Audio Development Kit...More

  • Radiation-Tolerant Solutions Based on COTS Devices


    A new microcontroller (MCU) that combines specified radiation performance with low-cost development associated with Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) devices is now available from Microchip Technology Inc...More

  • 60 V-IN, 3A Synchronous Buck Regulator


    The MIC28511 is a synchronous step-down switching regulator with internal power switches capable of providing up to 3A output current from a wide input supply...More

  • Microchip’s New Crypto-Authentication Device and Security Design Partner Program


    Microchip CryptoAuthentication devices offer hardware-based ultra secure key storage to ensure that a product with the consumables it uses, firmware it runs, accessories that supports...More

  • PIC18F K83 Product Family


    Microchip’s PIC18 product line has been expanded to include a new line of 8-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) that combine a Controller Area Network (CAN) bus with...More