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TAGS: Battery

  • Battery Charger Evaluation Board


    The MCP19111 can be programmed to make a very flexible battery charger. With an input voltage of 6V - 32V, this evaluation board is designed with...More

  • Single-Cell Li-Ion Battery Charge Management Controller


    The MCP73113 is a single cell, highly integrated Li-IoN battery charge management controller for use in space-limited and cost-sensitive applications. It is a complete linear charge...More

  • Simple 1.2 A Linear Li-Ion Battery Charger


    The Micrel MIC79110 is a simple 1.2 A linear lithium-ion battery charger. This device features built-in transistor, precision programmable current limiting (±5%), and precision voltage termination (±0.75%...More

  • System Load Sharing Linear IC


    The MCP73871 is a stand-alone system load sharing and Li-Ion/Li-Polymer battery charge management controller that features AC-DC wall adapter and USB port power sources selection...More

  • SPI Serial SRAM with SDI Interface


    The 23LCV1024 is a 1 Mbit Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) serial SRAM with battery backup and SDI interface. The memory of the device is accessed...More