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TAGS: Voltage

  • DC Power/Energy Monitor with Accumulator


    The PAC1934 is a four-channel device with 16-bit power measurement and a 17 minute plus accumulation register, making it ideal for determining power consumption and...More

  • Low-Voltage 64 Megabit Serial Quad I/O SuperFlash Memory


    Microchip Technology Inc. announces the availability of their new 1.8V, 64 Megabit Serial Quad I/O™ SuperFlash® memory device. The SST26WF064C device utilizes a 4-bit multiplexed...More

  • Low Charge Injection Analog Switch


    The HV20220 is a high-voltage analog switch that features eight channels and low charge injection. This device is designed for use in applications that requires...More

  • N-Channel DMOS Normally-On FET


    The LND250 is a high voltage N-channel depletion mode (normally-on) transistor utilizing Supertex's lateral DMOS technology. The transistor has excellent thermal stability which operates at...More

  • 4.2 V High Voltage Inductorless EL Lamp Driver


    The Supertex HV850 is a high voltage electroluminescent lamp driver IC that can drive up to 5.0nF load. It is designed to convert a low...More