New This Week - February 6

By Mouser |

This week we’ll discuss Microchip MEMS Oscillators, OSRAM SYNIOS LEDs, and Silicon Labs Mighty Gecko modules.

Microchip DSC6x MEMS Oscillators
Microchip Technology DSC6 family of MEMS oscillators offer excellent performance and minimal power consumption in a tiny package.  DSC6 oscillators are ideal for small, battery-powered devices such as wearables and IoT nodes, and are also AEC-100 qualified for automotive applications.  They offer reliability 20 times better than quartz oscillators and draw only 1.3 mA while active, dropping to 12 µA in standby.   Devices are available with a single output from 2 kHz to 100 MHz, stability ratings down to ±25 ppm, and jitter as low as 7.5 ps.  The Microchip DSC6 family of MEMS oscillators are also available with a frequency select pin to set the output to one of two predefined frequencies, giving designers added timing flexibility. 

OSRAM SYNIOS P2720 LEDs are available in different power classes and colors using the same ultra-compact package for flexibility in design without effecting assembly processes.  The SYNIOS P2720 platform is based on IEC 60810 qualifications, making them suited to automotive applications as well as light guides, signal and symbol luminaires and architectural, decorative, and stage and studio lighting.   OSRAM SYNIOS P2720 LEDs have very low thermal resistance, allowing for standard PCB materials to be used, and offer excellent thermal stability and temperature cycle stability, with the lead frame optimized to ensure stable solder joints.  The compact size lends itself to high density arrays that simplify color mixing. 

Silicon Labs MGM111 Mighty Gecko Modules
Silicon Labs’ MGM111 Mighty Gecko Module is a pre-certified module with a Might Gecko wireless SoC that saves months of design and development effort.  The MGM111 is based on the EFR32 Mighty Gecko SoC, a highly integrated, energy efficient device that includes an ARM Cortex-M4 with DSP extensions and an FPU, and a 2.4 GHz radio with support for wireless mesh networking using the ZigBee or Thread protocols.   The module pairs the SoC with a proven RF design and an integrated chip antenna or a U.FL connector for an external antenna.  The additional radio board allows the modules to be used with the Mighty Gecko Starter Kit for debug and development work.  MGM111 modules are ideal for low-power wireless applications in the connected home, building automation, lighting, smart grid, and industrial automation. 

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